Major Data Breach at LinkedIn – Change your Password Immediately

May 26th, 2016   •   Comments Off on Major Data Breach at LinkedIn – Change your Password Immediately   

In many instances of a data breach, companies notify ALL their customers to change their passwords and login information – even if the breach did not effect all of their customers.

In 2012, after 6.5 million LinkedIn users’ passwords appeared on a password-cracking forum, the social network did not recommend that all users to reset their passwords. That choice is now proving to be a mistake, after an alleged cache of 167 million accounts appeared for sale on a dark web forum. A data breach notification site says it was able to purchase the all the data for just 5 bitcoins, or about $2,200.

Three Lessons

  1. After a data breach incident, companies should require all their employees and customers to change their passwords, and take other steps to secure their data.
  2. Regularly change passwords on all your user accounts.
  3. Create passwords that are complex and difficult to guess. Passphrases, rather than passwords, are more effective, such as a line from the lyrics of one of your favorite songs, with caps, numerals and symbols mixed in.

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