FBI Advises Businesses to Replace Kapersky Products Immediately

August 19th, 2017   •   Comments Off on FBI Advises Businesses to Replace Kapersky Products Immediately   

The FBI is now advising all US businesses to stop using all Kapersky products – antivirus, firewall, etc. and replace them with a product from another company immediately.

The US government has long suspected that Kaspersky is used by Russian spy agencies use the company as an intelligence-gathering tool on a global scale.

The FBI’s counterintelligence section has been giving US businesses briefings since beginning of the year on a priority basis, prioritizing companies in the energy sector, and others with sensitive information.

In light of successive cyberattacks against the electric grid in Ukraine, the FBI has focused on this sector due to the critical infrastructure designation assigned to it by the Department of Homeland Security.

Also, the FBI has briefed large U.S. tech companies that have working partnerships or business arrangements with Kaspersky on products — from routers to virtual machines.

FBI officials have given US companies a high-level overview of the threat assessment, including what the U.S. intelligence community says are the Kaspersky’s deep and active relationships with Russian intelligence. FBI officials point to multiple specific accusations of wrongdoing by Kaspersky, such as a well-known instance of allegedly faking malware.

Intelisec strongly recommends replacing any Kapersky products immediately, with a product from another company.

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