Career Opportunities

Intelisec protects small and medium-sized businesses through a unique range of services, helps business grow, and protects individuals and families.
We provide access to the following services for small and medium-sized businesses:

* Web site security against malware and hacking for business web sites
* Identity theft risk management for businesses. Fraud detection and prevention. (Certified by the Identity  Management Institute in Identity Theft Risk Management – CRFS)
* Comprehensive criminal background checks for your employees and new hires
* Identity theft protection for you and your employees
* Cyber security and network security for businesses (with a partner company)
* Business, office, and physical plant security (with a partner company)
* Affordable legal services for small businesses
* Employee benefits to assist businesses in recruiting and retaining top talent
* We also provide access to identity theft protection and restoration services, and legal
services to individuals and families.
We are currently seeking individuals with the following backgrounds and experience to join our team:

Intelisec’s career opportunities exist in other areas outside of Central Illinois.  We are seeking associates anywhere in the US and Canada (except Alaska).