HIPAA messaging

Our HIPAA compliant messaging system for the medical profession is completely secure and encrypted.

We are the only authorized reseller in this area for this system. It is:

Our system allows you to:

* Quickly reach doctors, nurses, PAs, and other members of the healthcare team at any time from any location
* Avoid tedious voicemails and call backs
* Collect and send billing information
* Coordinate patient care and scheduling
* Inquire about consults and referrals
* Share x-rays or other relevant photos
secure HIPAA texting


* Built-in contact and group list
* Send text, images, and files
* Message delivery confirmation
* Customize sounds and vibration notification
* Message acknowledgement
* Customized Quick Messages
* Use on smartphone and desktop computer
HIPAA Compliant Messaging for Groups:

True HIPAA Compliant Messaging with the Highest Level of Encryption:

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