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Why Does Intelisec Address Home Internet Security?

While other companies specialize in just providing services to businesses, Intelisec also provides services that protect your home Internet and network, as well as your business.  Why?

Your Laptop, Tablet, and other Devices may Become Infected at Home, then Infect Your Business Network

We recognize that in today’s business environment, many business owners and employees take laptops, thumb drives, tablets, and smartphones between work and home on a daily basis.  Simply put, if any of these devices become infected in the home environment, and the device is then used in the business, the infection can then spread to your business network.

Your Home Network is Probably Open to Hacking, Malware and Viruses

Your home may be more vulnerable to viruses, malware, and hacking, than you are aware of.  Your smartphone, tablet, smart tv, digital recorder, baby monitor, webcam, wi-fi-enabled thermostat and refrigerator are all vulnerable to hacking.  Some of these devices have little to no security built in at all.
Hackers increasingly target these devices because of their increased vulnerability.  This can lead to hackers accessing your laptop, and other devices with sensitive information.  These devices then return to the business environment, where the infection can spread, leaving your  business vulnerable.
Contact Intelisec now to address both your business cyber security, and your home Internet security.