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Gary Chatham, CRFS, is certified in Identity Theft Risk Management by the Identity Management Institute, and has almost 20 years’ experience in web development and web site security.  A dynamic keynote speaker, he is experienced in presenting on a variety of identity theft, risk management, and business topics.
Gary has extensive experience helping businesses leverage the power of the Internet, while also assisting them to defend themselves from digital and identity theft threats. As the President of Intelisec, Gary brings unique insight about the risks organizations face from identity theft and data breaches.
This sets the stage for live presentations that are as intriguing as they are entertaining and informative. Audience members learn the importance of security awareness and vigilance in the workplace, through examples, and industry best-practices.  Gary also presents to the general public on the topics of staying safe online, and identity theft prevention.

Keynote Speaker Background

Gary holds a Master’s Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Bradley University. He is an Ambassador of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, a member of:  the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce, Peoria Heights Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary North of Peoria, as well as the Public Relations Association of Peoria.   He is an author of articles in InterBusiness Issues magazine.
As a keynote speaker, his presentations are highly informative, easily understandable, and provide best practices to keep you, your clients, and employees safe and secure. Your audience will gain valuable information and insights in identity theft prevention, online privacy, and data security.
Gary teaches individuals and organizations to:

* Assist co-workers, friends, and family to stay safe.
* Find out what puts you and your company at risk.
* Protect yourself, employees and clients from crime.
* Identify sources of privacy and security risk that make your organization vulnerable.
* Protect proprietary information from hackers.
* Defend yourself and your organization from fraud.
* Get a head start, be proactive before you are victimized.
* Learn to put systems in place to reduce risk.
Most Popular Keynote Programs
Identity Risk Management and Identity Theft Prevention for Businesses and Organizations
Your organization will become more aware of the risks that your  business faces from identity theft and fraud.  You will learn best practices to detect and prevent identity theft from occurring in your organization.  In addition, you will see how to protect your business from identity theft fraud, in which thieves use others’ identities to buy goods/services from your business. When you are best prepared, you minimize your risk!
Staying Safe Online and Identity Theft Prevention for Individuals and Families:
Gary will highlight the threats facing individuals and families online.  You will learn how to minimize your risk, with simple practices anyone can apply, and protect yourself against identity theft and fraud.
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