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Secure Space™ Phishing and Vishing Testing for your Employees

Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches and ransomware attacks started with a spear-phishing attack?

In addition, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming victims of ransomware.  Ransomware is now over a billion-dollar-a-year criminal enterprise.

We prevent ransomware expenses and headaches by testing and educating your employees.

Find out which of your employees may be a security risk through our Secure Space ™ phishing testing and training.

Our Secure Space ™ Phishing Testing and Training System reduces risk rates from an average of 15.9% to 1.2% over the course of a year.

Over the last few years, thousands of organizations in the U.S have started to test their own employees for phishing and vishing.   Today, testing your own employees is just as important as having antivirus protection and a firewall.

On average, 45% of users will plug in USBs they find in the office.  

If an employee picks up an unknown USB drive, plugs it in their workstation, and opens the file, your company could be at risk for ransomware and hacking. We track whether your employees pick up these unknown USB’s, and click on the files, allowing opportunities to further train them.

Vishing Testing

Vishing is a social engineering attack done by phone, in order to get an employee to disclose confidential information.  Or, a vishing call can precede a phishing email, to give it legitimacy.

Our Secure Space ™ program now tests employees with this type of simulated phone attacks.

Vishing attacks usually use a spoofed caller ID, which can make the attack look like it comes from either a number that is known to the employee, or an 800-number that might cause the employee to pick up the phone.

Vishing can be extremely effective, because targets do not have time to think the situation through, prior to providing information to the attacker, and can easily be confused by alarming claims.

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