Intelisec is a cybersecurity, and data theft risk management firm, that assists small and medium-sized businesses reduce costs, decrease risk, and increase profitability.  We believe the best security is integrated security, covering every area of your business, including working from home.

We specialize in:

We believe:

* that business can and should be used to make the world a better place
* in the “triple bottom line”: equal importance on people, profit, and the planet
* that our success will come as a natural result of helping our clients to be successful
* that for-profit businesses and non-profits can partner together to create positive change for our community . To that end, we often pair profits with non-profits for promotions and events that are mutually beneficial.


* Act with Integrity – Protect the trust that others have placed in us and preserve their confidentiality
* Communicate Honestly – In all our business relationships, we communicate honestly.
* Benefit our Clients – Understand our clients’ needs and help them reach their goals.

Intelisec is:

* Licensed to sell Identity Theft Insurance in Illinois
* Certified in Data Theft Risk Management by the Identity Management Institute
* Certified in HIPAA compliance.
* A Peoria Chamber of Commerce member
* Fully Insured and Bonded




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