60% of all data breaches involve small businesses

55% of small businesses have had a breach

Of these, more than 50% have been compromised more than once.

33% of small businesses required more than three days to recover from an attack

60% of small businesses fail after a data breach

With statistics like these, your customers need to know that you have taken adequate precautions to secure their data.

Our Data Secure Security Certification process ensures your customers that your company has passed our extensive data security process. By being Certified Data Safe, your potential and current customers know that you take the security of their data seriously, and they can feel safe in their business relationship with you.

To be Certified Data Safe, your business will pass in the following data security areas:

Background Checks for your Employees – your customers can be assured of the people that have access to their data.

Website Security – Small and medium-sized business websites are vulnerable to hacking and malware, even if they are hosted by a reputable hosting company.

Electronic Data Security – Even if you work with an IT services provider, your data still may not be secure. Ransomware, hacking, and insider data theft can put your customers’ and employees’ data at risk. A firewall is not enough! We ensure that your electronic data is as secure as possible.

Phishing Testing – Human error is the number one cause of data breach. We test your employees for 12 months, to prevent them falling victim to phishing and vishing scams, which can lead to data breach and ransomware.

Paper Data Security – While many businesses have taken some precautions to secure their electronic data, the confidential data on paper in their office is often not secure. We work to make sure all your data is as secure as possible.

Physical Security – Even if you have a firewall, if access to your workstations and server is not secure, then your data is not really secure. We cover this in our data security certification process.

Vendor Data Security – Data breaches that occur from your vendors that have access to your clients’ or employees’ information can be your biggest data security blind spot. You can be liable for breaches that occur in your vendors’ systems. We ensure that your vendors have taken adequate data security measures with your confidential data.

Contact Intelisec now to learn how your business can receive a data security certification.

This process certifies that Intelisec’s client company has met our rigorous standards of data security, through our complete Quantum Shield Data Security Audit, at the time of their last review.

This security certification does not guarantee that our client will not have a data breach, but that they have done everything recommended in our process.