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Fire Force ™ Website Security for Businesses

Businesses of all types, including small and medium-sized businesses, are facing increased web security and website security threats, specifically from hackers and malware. Peoria businesses and non-profit organizations have experienced their websites being hacked, while others have been infected with malware. In addition, hacks of major banks and retail companies’ servers have recently been in the news.

The attacks on web sites started becoming more prevalent in January, 2015, with over 100,000 WordPress-based sites being infected with malware in 48 hours. The challenge has continued for businesses all over with world, including some in Peoria, whose sites have been hacked and compromised. In some cases, visitors to the web sites of some Peoria businesses have been redirected to sites selling pornography or drugs.

Nearly One Million New Malware Threats are Launched Every Day!

The rate of new malware threats is growing to nearly one million new threats per day (CNN Finance, 4.14.15).  These rapidly increasing threats, could mean a potential loss of sensitive proprietary data to local businesses, and, in some cases, increased liability. In addition, your business’ reputation with the public could be at stake, meaning a loss of revenue.

Our Fire Force ™  web security system scans your web site every three hours for any type of malware or intrusion.  We receive an alert if your site has been infected or blacklisted for any reason. If malicious code is found, web security technicians will manually remove it from your site, returning it to its previous condition.

Our Fire Force ™ website security system includes:

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