HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA Data Security

If you are a healthcare provider, you know that protecting the security and privacy of patient data is an important responsibility.  However,  HIPAA compliance and HITECH compliance should not have to be your focus – providing your patients with superior healthcare is.

Intelisec has created our Quantum Shield ™ HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA Data Risk Management Program that combines HIPAA compliance with a data security audit and safeguards.

Our Quantum Shield™ HIPAA Data Risk Management Program addresses:

• Human Security Risks:  Reduces the likelihood of a security incident caused by internal actors, through continuous identification and mitigation of human security risks.

• Cybersecurity Risks:  Identifies and assists you in remediating security gaps that could lead to data breach.

• An annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment: deemed “rigorous” by the Office for Civil Rights, complete with an outlined Work Plan.

• HIPAA Compliance:  Minimizes the risk of non-compliance, with services to meet core HIPAA requirements: ongoing compliance consulting; annual case study-based training; and customize policies & procedures.

• Breach Insurance:  Consulting to assist you in choosing and applying for the best insurance for your company, for both HIPAA and cyber liability.

As a healthcare provider, or an affiliated company, you know that HIPAA compliance is critical for many reasons.  Compliance helps to ensure the protection of your patients’ or clients’ electronic health records.  In addition, compliance greatly reduces the risk of fines and civil penalties.

We help our clients understand and comply with HIPAA regulations, and reduce the risk of data breaches.  Intelisec can build a HIPPA compliance program that is appropriate for the size of your organization, built upon your specific needs.

The first step of your HIPAA Risk Analysis and Compliance Program is the security risk assessment.  The HIPAA Strategic Risk Assessment evaluates the major components of your security and compliance programs including:


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