Protect Your Business with our Comprehensive Background Checks Services

With three out of ten business failures being caused by employee theft, and seven out of ten cases of identity theft occurring in the workplace, employers are in a more vulnerable position than ever before. Businesses are also being held liable for identity theft of either their employees’ or customers’ information.

Part of your overall risk management plan for your business should include performing a criminal background check on your new hires, as well as your current employees.

Fortunately, our background check services are a cost-effective way to protect your business, and reduce your risk of employee theft, identity theft, and fraud.

Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check can help you avoid employee theft, identity theft of your employees and customers, and even workplace violence. Our system will show any convictions, as well as arrests, for felonies and misdemeanors for county, state, and federal offenses. Our criminal database has over 600 million criminal records, and includes the OFAC Global Terrorist Search.

Homeland Security Background Checks
This service cross references your applicant’s name against over 45 worldwide databases of known terrorists, fugitives, individuals, organizations and companies considered to be a threat to global and national security. The homeland security background check database is updated daily. This service ensures USA Patriot Act compliance.

Specifically, our service can also include, according to your specifications:

Fast Results

We return results quickly – usually in 24 business hours or less. Our system cross references more than 600 million records from all 50 states, including: court records, state databases, state repositories, sex offender registries, the FBI terrorist list, and federal/state/local wanted and fugitive lists, and others.

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