The Encrypted Email Solution For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Healthcare, Legal, and Financial Institutions

Our  Cloud-based Secure Email Encryption System is a simple way to send encrypted email. The process is easy, whether you are sending emails from your laptop, your mobile device, or Microsoft Outlook.  It also works securely with your present email address and domain.

With our secure email system, you can send an unlimited amount of encrypted emails, and, recipients can always respond securely, free of charge.

The email disclaimers placed at the footer of your email are no longer enough to protect the information in the message. Once an email or its corresponding attachment has been read by a recipient, intentionally or not, it can’t be unread. The confidentiality of documents that your business, attorneys and paralegals, healthcare professionals, or those in the financial industry  send to their clients is paramount in regards to the privacy of a client.  Many of these industries are have federal regulations which include severe penalties for breach of confidentiality, as well as the potential loss of clients if data is breached.

All your emails, as well as document attachments, remain protected and error-free with our secure email system.  When you send an email to an associate, whether in your business, or outside your business, they login to a secure web portal to read and reply to your message at no charge.

It only takes minutes to set up your account, our secure email solution also integrates with all current versions of Microsoft Outlook.

Sending & Receiving
Our cloud-based portal offers a multitude of features for both sending & receiving encrypted email.


Recipients can read and respond securely:
Upon receiving their first encrypted message, your recipient will set up their own private password to log in. Once inside the secure portal, they’ll be able to view, reply, or print your secure message.

You’ll also be able to run Message Reports, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team, and download the included Outlook Plug-In.

Third-Party Applications
You can now send secure emails directly from outside, third-party applications.
If the third-party application that you’re using utilizes Microsoft Outlook as it’s email option, you’ll be able to send secure messages directly from that the third-party application.

You can now send PDFs securely directly from Adobe Acrobat.

Additional Benefits

Email Compliance
If your business is in need of a secure email solution that is both state and federally compliant, look no further.

Our solution is compliant with the following federal regulations:

 Learn more about our secure email for Office 365 here.

Contact us for a demonstration of our secure email encryption system at no obligation.