Quantum Shield ™ Data Security Audits and Data Theft Risk Management Plans Protect your Business Against Data Theft, Fraud and Identity Theft

A Ponemon Institute survey found that 55 percent of small businesses had a data breach or data theft, and 53 percent of those businesses had multiple breaches.

Yet, surprisingly, only 33 percent of the businesses notified the people affected, even though 46 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico require that individuals be contacted when their personal information is compromised.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly facing data security and cybersecurity threats due to data breaches, data theft, internal security threats, and all types of identity theft incidents. The businesses and owners affected by these incidents are being held liable for not protecting the personal information of their employees and their customers.

Ransomware is becoming a billion dollar criminal enterprise which effects small and medium-sized businesses and educational institutions.

Our Quantum Shield ™ Data Security and Data Theft Risk Management Service will:

1. Assess security risks, data theft risk and identity theft risk in your business through a Data Security Audit.
2. Conduct background checks for key employees with access to employee and customer information.
3. Test your employees with Phishing Testing and security risk analysis.
4. Create a complete Data Security Plan and Identity Theft Prevention Plan for your business.
5. Create and implement layered security controls.
6. Detect signs of data theft in your present transactions and operations.
7. Create and implement a Contingency Plan to respond to incidents of data theft.
8. Train management and employees to implement your data theft prevention plan.
9. Assist your business in complying with current required regulations from state and federal agencies that are required for your business.
10. Provide ongoing security testing and training of your employees to prevent data breaches.

As a result, we can:

• Reduce the risk of data security threats and data breaches.
• Reduce the risk of your business falling victim to ransomware.
• Help protect your business against data theft, identity theft and fraud.
• Minimize your liability and potential financial losses.
• Possibly reduce your insurance costs.
• Protect your employees, management and customers from being victims of identity theft.

Intelisec is certified in Data Theft Risk Management (CFRS), by the Identity Management Institute.

We work with small and medium-sized businesses throughout Central Illinois and anywhere in the US.

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