Secure Video Conferencing

In today’s uncertain environment, with many of us working from home, the need for secure video conferencing and team collaboration has never been greater.
Some of the more popular online meeting applications have been banned by companies, based on their security vulnerabilities.
“Among the latest organizations to block the use of Zoom are:  German industrial giant Siemens, which sent out an internal circular urging its employees to not use the tool for video conferencing, with Standard Chartered Bank also issuing a similar note to its staff.” Tech Radar Pro, April 15, 2020
“500,000 Hacked Zoom Accounts Given Away For Free On The Dark Web.” Forbes, April 13, 2020

“Last year, Zoom took three months to fix a security flaw that allowed hackers to potentially gain control over certain user’s computers running Apple’s macOS.”  Business Insider, April 20, 2020

Need an encrypted, reliable online meeting, and secure video solution?

Intelisec provides a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system that also includes:

Contact us.  We will analyze your needs, based on your type of business, whether you have a large team, or small, and where they are located.  We are an authorized dealer for more than one secure  video conferencing solution.